Traveling to Chicago from the Suburbs

For some, living in the city is a bit more crowded and fast paced than they’d prefer. For these people, living in the suburbs is the best of both worlds. They get the joys of the slower paced and less crowded suburbs, but still get to enjoy traveling to the city to eat, drink, shop, laugh, and see the sites.

If you’re coming to the city from the suburbs then there are a variety of travel methods you could use. Depending on the time of day and where you want to go in the city can be a few of the factors that dictate which method would work best. Below are a few of the best travel methods to consider:


Driving to Chicago from the suburbs can be a great option, unless it’s rush hour, construction season, there’s a sporting event in the city, or any other number of reasons. However, there are a number of benefits to driving to the city, especially if you get lucky enough to avoid the traffic.

Getting to the city is as easy as finding your nearest tollway or expressway. The Kennedy (I-90), Eisenhower (I-290), and the Stevenson (I-55) all run from the suburbs into the city. The Kennedy travels the north and northwest sides of the city before ending in the Loop where it meets I-290. The Ike (Eisenhower) goes from the west suburbs, like Lombard and Forest Park, and ends in the Loop. The Stevenson is a great option if you’re coming from the south or southwest suburbs, like Joliet.

Once you’re in the city, one of the great things about Chicago is that it’s very easy to get around when driving. The roads are designed in a grid format which help with directions and knowing where you’re at, and there are many parking structures, street parking, and meters to park at wherever you are.

Metra Train to Downtown

For those that travel to the suburbs daily for work, or often for leisure, they know that traveling by Metra is one of the fastest and most affordable methods. It’s also one of the least stressful ways to travel if you have to do often.

Depending on the suburb you’re traveling from, your travel time on the train can range from 15 minutes to over 1 hour. Your location can also determine which train line you’ll be traveling on and which train station you’ll arrive in once you get to the city; Ogilvie Transportation Center or Union Station. Both stations are less than1 mile from Fiancee Jewelry –

The “El”

For those suburbanites that live close enough to the city, the “el” (elevated train or “subway” as some people refer to it as). The El is an affordable and fast method of travel throughout the entire city and to the outer edges of the city.  There are many of the lines, including the Blue Line, that travel to the outer edge, like Forest Park, where you can catch the train. O’Hare Airport also provides a place to enter the train.

Regardless of your method of travel, we hope you’ll come enjoy the many things the city of Chicago offers.

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