Site Seeing on Michigan Ave. in Chicago

Chicago has some historic and iconic sites to see along Michigan Ave. Whether you’re just visiting the Windy City or have been a lifelong resident, these sites are as great to see the first time as they are the thousandth time. Below is our top 5 list of sites to see on your way to our office, which us just a couple blocks west of Michigan Ave.

Navy Pier

This site is a no brainer to see. From the Centennial Wheel and water activities, to Bubba Gump Shrimp and the other great on-site restaurants, there are plenty of fun activities to do at Navy Pier. Located just a couple blocks off Michigan Ave, the pier was officially named a historical site in 1970 and has a fascinating history that dates back to before World War I.

If you’re in the city on 4th of July or any Saturday night then make your way over to Navy Pier for some of the best firework displays you’ll ever see.

Did you know? Our office is just a 10 minute drive from Navy Pier!

Buckingham Fountain

Located at 301 S. Columbus Dr, in the center of Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain is a common favorite for tourists that visit Chicago from all over the world. The Fountain operates from April to October and offers great water and light shows.

John Hancock Center

As you’re heading north up Michigan Ave from downtown, it’s hard not to see the 100-story John Hancock building. The fourth tallest building in the Second City is located at 875 N. Michigan Ave. and carries a big reputation. In fact, if you’re looking for one of the best views of the city and one of the best restaurants in the city then we highly recommend visiting the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the building. There are other restaurants to enjoy, as well, including the Cheesecake Factory and Benihana. The 94th floor is where the building’s observatory is located and offers a 360 degree view of the city.

Water Tower Place

Part of the famour “Magnificent Mile”, Water Tower Place is one of Chicago’s most popular malls and shopping areas. Located in the Near North Side neighborhood, this mall offers a variety of retail shops ranging from clothes to jewelry. There are also many well known restaurants to enjoy. If you enjoy shopping then be sure to swing by. Even if you don’t enjoy shopping, you won’t regret visiting the mall and iconic Water Tower located at 806 Michigan Ave.

Michigan Avenue Bridge

officially the DuSable Bridge, this Michigan Avenue Bridge can be found downtown and helps travelers get across the Chicago River. This historic bridge is famous for it’s decorations and sculptures that date back to 1928.

Regardless of why you’re in the city, if you’re traveling to our shop ( near the corner of Washington and Wabash, just two blocks east of Michigan Ave, or anywhere else in the city, we highly recommend taking the time to visit some of these famous sites that are located along your route.

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