Jewelry for All Occasions

While our name suggests that we focus on engagement rings and bridal jewelry, Fiancee Jewelry can help you find the perfect piece for any occasion, or for no occasion at all.

Maybe you are looking for a birthday or anniversary gift, or maybe you just want to get something to show your significant other that you care. Our team will work with you to find the solution that is perfect for your gift buying needs.



Tradition calls for giving different types of jewelry and gemstones throughout the course of a marriage. The first anniversary is gold, the fifth is sapphire, and the 10th is diamond just to name a few. Fiancee Jewelry has rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more to accommodate and celebrate all these milestones.

Or, if you want to go off the beaten path, we can help you find the perfect piece to celebrate any anniversary. We also provide service on engagement rings and wedding bands if your anniversary gift idea is to have something restored to its original glory.

Tradition or not, nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful piece of jewelry. It will be a constant reminder to your bride how much you care about her and bring back the joy of your wedding day.



Birthdays are another great milestone to celebrate with jewelry. Earrings, charm bracelets, and pendants are just a few of the gift options available at Fiancee Jewelry.

Your birthday gift from Fiancee Jewelry does not need to be for your significant other. Jewelry makes a great gift for just about anyone in your life. Maybe it’s a pair of earrings for your daughter, or a new watch for your dad — we’ll help you make any birthday just a little bit happier with a great piece of jewelry.


Other Occasions

From graduation to Mother’s Day, Fiancee Jewelry can help you mark all of life’s important milestones.

We offer birthstone jewelry that makes a perfect push present for new moms, or as baby’s first piece of jewelry. Speaking of moms, Fiancee Jewelry carries all of the latest Mother’s Day trends from charm bracelets to lockets and heart-shaped necklaces and rings.

We also carry a full selection of men’s jewelry that is perfect for Father’s Day, or perhaps celebrating a new job or promotion.

For the high school or college graduate, we can create custom pendants, earrings, or even cufflinks.

We love celebrating these important events with our customers. Some of our favorite memories over the years are when couples who bought wedding bands with us come in with their children or to buy anniversary gifts. Let us help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to mark your family’s next big occasion.

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