Welcome to Fiancee Jewelry!

Fiancee Jewelry is a family business through and through. Pierre and Maggie Massih have been at the helm since the jewelry store opened in 1989. They enjoy sharing that close-knit atmosphere with their clients  by making everyone feel like they are part of their family. The Massih’s get to know customers by name and have watched generations grow over nearly 30 years in business.

Pierre started his career as a bench jeweler at the age of 18. A bench jeweler is someone who has a broad skill set in making and repairing jewelry — skills that continue to come in handy today. He moved up through the ranks and eventually found a home in the wholesale jewelry market, where he worked for 25 years before opening Fiancee Jewelry.

He created custom designs for jewelers throughout Chicago, including the Vanity Jewelry Company (formerly known as S.A. Peck). In addition, he was the first to introduce the invisible diamond setting to the area.

Pierre shifted from wholesale to retail in 1989 and decided to focus primarily in bridal jewelry, which includes far more than just engagement rings. Rather than selling his custom designs to other jewelers, Pierre decided that he wanted to share them directly with customers and have a more direct role in the joy that engagements and weddings bring to a family.

Pierre has operated from the historic Pittsfield Building since 1978. Over the years, Pierre has become known as the most trusted jeweler in today’s market. That’s why Fiancee Jewelers sees families coming back year after year and generation after generation.

Fiancee Jewelry has created custom rings and other pieces for thousands of satisfied customers over the years. No request is too big or too small to be considered, and every customer is treated with the same level of respect and honesty.

While chain stores are all about the bottom line, Fiancee Jewelry is committed to always putting the customer first. While some might see that approach as an “old school” way of doing business, they call it it the right thing to do.

Visit Fiancee Jewelry at 31 N. Wabash Ave., just minutes from the Magnificent Mile in the heart of downtown Chicago, to see for yourself the difference that family, honesty, and integrity can bring to a jewelry purchase.